About us

My childhood friend and I have long been cherishing a dream – to open a cosy restaurant in which we could have funny evenings with our big family and close friends. It all started in distant Georgia, where both of us were born and grew up. If we had to choose three words that best describe Georgia, they would be family, hospitality and banquets. All of this has been surrounding us since childhood. A large table full of delicious food and wine, long gatherings and toasts: for peace, for the country, for family, for love and for friendship...
We carried this dream in our hearts for a long time – while studying in Paris, creating our first business, and travelling around the world. And finally after settling in Lithuania, we realised that Vilnius would be the perfect place for our dream. And here's the long-awaited result – MERCI restaurant and hookah club, in which we have all the best: Georgian hospitality and love for tasty food, the cosiness of tiny Parisian restaurants and the hookah smoking ritual that we became fond of during our trips.


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